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Here's to another 60 years!

Why Plyler?

Plyler was founded in 1962 by Lloyd Plyler, who located the company headquarters in Sherman, Texas. Early on, Plyler was a proponent and pioneer of the Design-Build delivery system. He had a vision of building a company that delivered such reliable project management and accountability that clients would choose Plyler again and again.

Recognizing that subcontractors could not work until the concrete and steel were in place, Plyler established a Steel Fabrication and Erection division in 1970. Concurrently, Plyler’s Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing (MEP) division was established. Bringing these elements under Plyler control eliminated crucial project pinch points, speeding production and maximizing efficiency. Plyler’s project managers, crew leaders, and tradesmen- working in tandem, coordinating manpower and materials – promote fast project turnaround, which has become a Plyler hallmark.

Plyler’s management benefits from its third generation of family leadership, and it continues to embrace its founder’s ideals and conservative financial-management philosophy. Yet Plyler is innovative and uses the latest technology to plan, estimate, schedule, and monitor its projects.

When it comes to job safety, management reliability, timely project completion, and overall accountability, there is only one choice. Plyler.

Let Plyler put its strength to work for you. Call 903-893-6393 to request a Qualifications Statement and list of references today.

Services we offer

General Construction

Bringing the highest quality of craftsmanship, we build unique and lasting structures with the experience and expertise of our teams. No matter what the project, we strive to exceed expectations.


For more than four decades, Plyler Construction has offered Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing services in order to tightly control schedule, cost and efficiency.  These services include but are not limited to cooling towers, boilers, piping systems of all types, HVAC and refrigeration, water and waste piping, thermal installations, electrical systems, power distribution, high and medium voltage systems, or whatever your needs may be.

Steel Fabrication

There is little that frustrates general contractors and project owners more than delayed construction schedules due to waiting on structural steel delivery to the jobsite. Since delivery is typically dictated by the steel fabricator’s sequence of production rather than the builder’s project construction schedule, waiting is inevitable. Unless you’re doing business with Plyler Construction.

We have our own 100,000 square foot structural and miscellaneous steel fabrication facility. In addition to structural steel, our team of professionals fabricates galvanized and steel duct systems. We pre-assemble piping systems, allowing most welds to be completed with greater quality and efficiency, thus reducing on-site installation.

Our in-house fabrication and delivery capabilities enable us to maintain the best possible project schedule. Bottom line: the job gets done faster. Shorter construction schedules mean lower costs, quicker occupancy, and a quicker stream of revenue for the customer.


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